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Gill East Plaza Improvements


Oregon State University (“Owner”) is accepting sealed bids from Contractors on the OSU Reserve list for a public improvement project at Construction Contracts Administration, Oregon State University, 644 SW 13th Street, Corvallis, Oregon, until 2:00 PM local time, May 30, 2019 for the Gill East Plaza Improvements project located on the campus of Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon.

A mandatory Pre-Bid Conference and examination of the site and conditions will take place on May 17, 2019 at 10:00 AM local time. Bidders shall meet with the Owner's Representatives in the Main Lobby of Gill Coliseum (660 SW 26th Street – Corvallis OR 97331). Attendance will be documented through a sign-in sheet prepared by the Owner’s Representative. Prime bidders who arrive more than 5 minutes after start time of the meeting (as stated in the solicitation and by the Owner’s Authorized Representative’s watch) or after the discussion portion of the meeting (whichever comes first) shall not be permitted to sign in and will not be permitted to submit a bid on the project.

Bids will be due May 30, 2019 by 2:00 PM local time, at the Property Services Building, 644 SW 13th Street, Corvallis, Oregon.

Plans and specifications for this bid along with the Request for Qualifications for the 2019-2023 Construction Related Services Reserve Contracting Program are available at the following website:

All bidders must comply with requirements of the prevailing wage law in ORS 279C.800 through ORS 279C.870. All bidders must be registered with the Construction Contractor's Board at the time of bid submission. No bid will be considered unless fully completed in the manner provid¬ed in the "Instructions to Bidders" upon the Bid Form provided. OSU encourages bids from Minority, Women, and Emerging Small Businesses.