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Merryfield Hall Renovation


Oregon State University (“Owner”) is accepting sealed bids for a public improvement project at Construction Contracts Administration, Oregon State University, 644 SW 13th Ave., Corvallis, Oregon, until 2:00 PM local time, July 17, 2018 for the Merryfield Hall Renovation project located on the campus of Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon.

A mandatory Pre-Bid Conference and examination of the site and conditions will take place on July 3, 2018 at 9:00 AM local time. Bidders shall meet with the Owner's Representatives at the front entrance to Merryfield Hall (1600 SW Monroe Ave – Corvallis OR 97331). 



  • Addendum attachments available at


    THIS ADDENDUM IS BEING ISSUED for clarification and/or revisions of the drawings and specifications as noted. This document is hereby made a part of the Bid Documents to the extent as though it was originally included therein.

    The following change shall be made to the BID DOCUMENTS:

    Item No. 1 The BID DUE DATE has been changed to Thursday, July 19, 2018 at 2:00 PM Local Time.

    NOTE: A Revised Bid Form will not be provided as discussed at Pre-Bid Conference. However, Bidders will be asked for a breakout of the Fire Suppression System, Fire Alarm System and PIPC (Public Improvement – Private Contractor) costs for accounting purposes following bid opening.

    Item No. 2 Instructions to Bidders, add the following:

    Article 14. Security to Be Furnished by Each Bidder

    14.1 Each Bid must be accompanied by either: 1) a cashier's check or a certified check drawn on a bank authorized to do business in the State of Oregon, or 2) a Bid Bond described hereinafter, executed in favor of Owner, for an amount equal to 10 percent of the total Bid amount as a guarantee that if awarded the contract the Bidder will execute the contract and give a Performance Bond and Payment Bond as required.

    14.2 The Contractor's check or Bid Bond will be retained until the Contractor has entered into a Contract and furnished a 100 percent Performance Bond and 100 percent Payment Bond.

    14.3 The Owner reserves the right to hold the Bid security as described in Article 10. Should the successful Bidder fail to execute and deliver the Contract as provided for in Article 12, including a satisfactory performance bond and payment bond within 20 calendar days after the Bid has been accepted by the Owner, then the Contract award may be canceled and the Bid security may be forfeited as liquidated damages, at the option of the Owner. The date of the acceptance of the Bid and the award of the contract as contemplated by the Project Manual shall mean the date of acceptance specified in the Notice of Award.

    Article 15. Execution of Bid Bond

    15.1 Should the Bidder elect to utilize a Bid Bond as described in Article 14 in order to satisfy the Bid security requirements, such form must be completed in the following manner:

    15.1.1 Bid Bonds must be executed on OSU forms, which will be provided to all prospective Bidders by the Owner.

    15.1.2 The Bid Bond shall be executed on behalf of a bonding company licensed to do business in the State of Oregon.

    15.1.3 In the case of a sole individual, the Bid Bond need only be executed as principal by the sole individual. In the case of a partnership, the Bid Bond must be executed by at least one of the partners. In the case of a corporation, the Bid Bond must be executed by stating the official name of the corporation under which is placed the signature of an officer authorized to sign on behalf of the corporation followed by such person's official capacity, such as president, etc. This signature shall be attested by the secretary or assistant secretary of the corporation. The corporation seal should then be affixed to the Bid Bond. In the case of a limited liability company/corporation (“LLC”), the Bid Bond must be executed by stating the official name of the LLC under which is placed the signature of a member authorized to sign on behalf of the LLC.

    15.1.4 The name of the surety must be stated in the execution over the signature of its duly authorized attorney-in-fact and accompanied by the seal of the surety corporation.

    Item No. 3 Included with this Addendum are the following:

    • ATTACHMENT ONE (1) – OSU BID BOND form which if utilized as Bid Security shall be completed and submitted with the BID.
    • ATTACHMENT TWO (2) – InSite Group Addendum # 1 items dated July 9, 2018
    • ATTACHMENT FOUR (4) – Substitution requests evaluated to date and resulting OSU responses.